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5 Anti-Aging Benefits of NAD Therapy

5 Anti-Aging Benefits of NAD Therapy

To understand how NAD can help with anti-aging, you need to know why it’s so powerful. 

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a co-enzyme in all living cells. You have lots of NAD when you’re young, but by middle age, your NAD levels plummet by about half. Other factors can also contribute to NAD depletion, such as chronic infections, stress, vitamin B deficiency, and sleep deprivation. 

NAD has several crucial roles in the body. It helps enable energy metabolism, defends you from oxidative stress, promotes DNA repair, and helps maintain healthy cellular function. 

Because it works in so many ways within the body, you experience the loss keenly when your NAD levels decline over time. You may notice chronic fatigue, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, weight gain, and unhealthy cravings.

At Invigorate Asheville, PA, in North Carolina, our anti-aging specialist, Dr. Linda Dula, offers intravenous (IV) NAD therapy to restore your NAD levels and give you impressive anti-aging benefits such as the following. 

1. Slower aging process

While you can’t stop aging, you can increase your NAD levels to slow it down. Your telomeres — the DNA proteins at the ends of chromosomes — naturally shorten with age. 

As cells replicate, you lose some telomeres, which causes cellular aging. NAD can stabilize your telomeres and prevent shortening, thus slowing aging. NAD also increases the action of proteins called sirtuins, further slowing the aging process.

2. Faster metabolism

Many people experience difficulty maintaining a healthy weight as they age, particularly around 60 when research shows that metabolism slows down. 

NAD therapy can help boost your metabolism so you don’t feel like you’re fighting your body to lose weight. And a faster metabolism means you have more energy, too.

3. Improved brain function

As you age, it’s common to have slower thinking, more difficulty remembering, and a decline in concentration levels. 

NAD therapy can help improve brain function, making you feel sharper and function better.

4. Reduced risk of age-related diseases

The risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease increases with age. 

Most age-related diseases are connected to cellular signaling issues, DNA damage, and other things that NAD helps to regulate, so NAD therapy may help you avoid those life-changing diseases.

5. Less pain

Up to 75% of people over 65 experience chronic pain, usually due to joint or musculoskeletal problems or inflammation. But, thanks to NAD therapy, aging no longer has to hurt. 

NAD therapy can disarm free radicals in your body, a frequent cause of inflammation, and ease your pain.

Restore your youthful vitality

At Invigorate Asheville, PA, our anti-aging specialists offer a wide range of IV therapy options and other restorative therapies to help you feel young, energetic, and full of life again. Call the office or click the online scheduler now to schedule your NAD therapy session with Dr. Dula.

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