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Ketamine Infusions for Chronic Pain: How Does It Work?

Ketamine Infusions for Chronic Pain: How Does It Work?

More than 50 million Americans experience chronic pain, according to the CDC, with symptoms occurring regularly for months or years. For more than 17 million women and men, those symptoms are severe enough to interfere with their daily activities.

While physical therapy and pain medication have been the standard therapies for most people with chronic pain, those treatments aren’t always effective. Furthermore, pain medication can cause potentially severe and unpleasant side effects. 

At Invigorate Asheville PALinda Dula, DO, offers an alternative chronic pain treatment for people in Asheville, North Carolina: custom ketamine infusion therapy

In this post, learn how ketamine relieves chronic pain and what to expect during infusion therapy.

The science of ketamine

Ketamine has a long history as an anesthetic during surgery, but in recent years, researchers and medical professionals have found it’s also highly effective in managing chronic pain. It’s also a safe and effective therapy for people experiencing treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.

Here’s how ketamine works to relieve chronic pain. First, it blocks pain receptors by “resetting” the brain’s pain system and changing how it perceives pain. Ketamine supports neuroplasticity, a process that enables nerves to develop new pathways to manage pain signals more effectively.

It also promotes the production of a chemical called glutamate. This potent neurotransmitter is essential in helping your body reduce pain symptoms and improve pain responses. Glutamate also helps manage mood issues, including the depression and anxiety that often accompany chronic pain.

Finally, more recent data shows ketamine may be effective in reducing inflammation, which can also contribute to chronic pain. Together, these effects help people relieve chronic pain symptoms without relying on large doses of pain medications.

Ketamine infusion therapy: What to expect

Ketamine is delivered directly to your bloodstream via an IV drip placed in your arm. Each dose is carefully adjusted to your height, weight, symptoms, and other factors.

During your infusion, you’ll relax in a comfortable chair while the medication is administered. Ketamine makes you feel very relaxed and drowsy, and you might nap. You’ll need to have someone drive you home afterward.

Many people notice benefits within hours after their treatment. Better still, treatment can be repeated to help you stay comfortable. Your specific infusion regimen is designed to help you achieve lasting and meaningful relief.

Find a solution for your chronic pain

Chronic pain can take a toll on your physical and emotional health. To learn more about ketamine infusion and other advanced therapies, call 828-237-1511 or request an appointment online with Invigorate Asheville PA today.

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