Why Is IV Therapy Better Than Oral Supplementation?

Why Is IV Therapy Better Than Oral Supplementation?

Most Americans eat a lot — often more than they should. But despite the generous helpings at the dinner table, a surprising number of Americans are deficient in key nutrients necessary for good health. 

And while many people think they can just pop a multivitamin in their mouth to restore their nutrient levels, this often doesn’t help much.

At Invigorate Asheville in Asheville, North Carolina, Linda Dula, DO, offers intravenous (IV) infusion therapy to help patients get the vitamins and nutrients they need to feel better and stay healthy. If you want to start off the new year with optimal health, here’s how IV infusion therapy could play a role in helping you make that resolution come true.

How IV infusion therapy works

IV infusion therapy is similar to what you might see at a hospital. A bag, filled with the nutrients you choose, is suspended above you. A tube comes from the bag and is attached to a needle, which is inserted into a vein. 

The nutrients then drip into the tube and into your vein. This method delivers the nutrients directly into your bloodstream, so they can reach your organs and other tissues quickly.

IV infusions can contain many types of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, and magnesium. The combination that would be best for you would depend on your needs. 

We offer infusions that can help with issues like:

Your infusion can be customized just for you. Some of our most popular infusions help to restore energy, ramp up the immune system, combat the effects of aging, improve nutrition, and enhance physical performance.

Infusions are administered right in our office, and most infusions take less than an hour. Afterward, you can go right back to your regular routine without any downtime.

IV infusions vs. oral supplements

When you take an oral supplement, it goes through your digestive system. Then, the elements of the supplement go to your bloodstream, which then distributes these elements to the tissues in your body.

Herein lies the disadvantage of taking oral supplements. When they go through your digestive system, they get exposed to all the acids and enzymes designed to break up and dissolve food into tiny particles. This process can seriously degrade these supplements and cause them to lose a lot of their effects and potency before they even reach your bloodstream.

IV infusions, on the other hand, deliver nutrients directly to your bloodstream, completely bypassing your digestive tract. With IV delivery, your organs and tissues get the nutrients they need faster and in a far more complete form, so the nutrients can do the work they’re supposed to do.

IV infusion therapy is simple and convenient, and best of all, it can be tailored to your specific needs for maximum benefits. Infusions also don’t contain fillers or other chemicals that can be used in oral supplements. IV infusions contain pure nutrients and solutions designed with your health in mind. 

Learn more about IV infusions

IV infusion therapy has been used for decades to help patients manage and enhance their health “from the inside out.” To learn more about IV therapy and the role it can play in your healthy lifestyle, book an appointment with us at Invigorate Asheville online or over the phone today.

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